Thursday, October 23, 2008


Patience. It's a tough thing to wrap one's mind around. When should someone be patient. When should someone get into Action. When should someone just be.

I am at that point now. If love is the most important of all things like it talks about in Corrinthians then why should one, or how long can one wait for confirmation of that love?

I understand that we all sometimes need time to oursleves to sort things out, but is it right to sort the other things in our life out at the expense of the feelings of others? IE Not letting the other person know that we love them and want to be with them but just need more time. Or not letting the other person know that they are still unsure how much they love them and still need time to figure it all out. Is that right to have the other person sit on pins and needles waiting for an answer when they desperatly want and need one? Is that fair?

The bottom line is that I need to know which way to turn. To move on with or without her. Either way I will survive and will embrace or learn to accept her decision. But the living in a state of stagnancy, limbo, just killing me. Being unable to let her know what conculsions I'm come to so that she can make a balanced and fair decision is driving me nuts!

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