Friday, May 22, 2009

Response to Comment on Feedburner Sucks!

There are no guarantees that Katie won't read my blog. I know that she is no longer on the email subscription list. If she was and I was posting that would be another story. If that were the case I would not be accepting her decision. Instead I would be manipulating it and trying to change it like I have in the past. This is a decision that she has made and I must focus on accepting it. Not trying to change it. In the end what will be, will be.

I know for myself I should not and can not intentionally place myself in situations where I am to be hurt. I hope and pray that she can do the same. If she chooses to seek out my blog so she can read it that is her decision. I refuse to stop living my life and sharing my experience with others out of fear of her seeing it.

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